Sweeps Game Descriptions 

ACE DAY:   Low gross and Low net.


ACES WILD:   Subtract 1 point for each 1 putt.  Player who makes the furthest putt each hole subtracts 1 additional point; minus full handicap.


BEAT THE PREZ’S:   Same game as “Beat the Pro,” but will be played against our current and past BPWGC presidents, as divided by flights.


BEAT THE PRO–MATCH PLAY:   each hole is handicapped and played against game played by pro previous week.  Score will be between 0 and 18 with 1 point scored each hole where player’s net score is lower than the pro’s score.


BEST 9 HOLES:   Select your best 9 scores minus half handicap. 


BEST OF THE BEST:   2 best par 3’s, 2 best par 5’s, 5 best par 4’s.  Minus half handicap.


CIRCLE BEST NINE:   select your nine best holes BEFORE you play–CANNOT be holes # 9, 13, or 17.


CRISS CROSS:   Count Hole #1 or #10, Hole #2 or #11, Hole #3 or #12, etc., minus half handicap.


CROSS COUNTRY:    Use score for hole #1 or #18, score for hole #2 or #17, #3 or #16, etc. minus half handicap.


FAIRWAY HEAVEN:   Subtract 1 stroke for each hole where player stayed in the fairway the entire hole.  Minus full handicap.


FIELD SHOTS:  Score includes all shots except those on the green, minus half handicap.


FIRST 4, LAST 5:    First 4 holes, last 5 holes minus half handicap.


HODGE PODGE:  3 best holes on front, 3 best holes on back, plus 3 holes TBA.  Minus half handicap.


I LOVE YOU!:   Partner game for Valentine’s Day.  Each nine, each partner gets a chance to LOVE her partner on one drive and one putt.  Each of these times, the partner has the opportunity to RE-HIT her partner’s shot.  Play continues from where the “re-hit” shot landed and only that shot is counted.  Game score is the total of both players’ scores minus both handicaps.


LINDA MANIA:   There will be a “Linda” (or similar name) in each foursome.  This is a team game.  Score is all players’ scores on #1 and #18.  Score for other holes will be on a rotating basis:  1) the “Linda,” 2) whoever’s drive is the most left, 3) whoever’s drive is the longest, and 4) whoever’s score is the lowest.  Minus average handicap of foursome.


LONG JOHNS:  Nine longest holes minus half handicap.


MEET YOUR BIGWIGS:   Each group will play with someone from the Balboa Park Golf Course Staff.  Format TBA.


MODIFIED BEAUTY AND THE BEAST:   Subtract best and worst hole each nine.  Minus full handicap.


NINE IN A ROW:  Select any consecutive 9 holes.  Minus half your handicap.


ONES:   Count holes beginning with O, N, E, or S (1,6,7,8,9,11,16,17,18), minus half handicap.


ONLY FOURS:  Count the par 4 holes minus half handicap.


ONLY 3's AND 5's:   score is total of all par 3's and all par 5's.


PARTNER BEST:  Game is total of 2 scores each hole.  Cards are “popped” and all scores are “net.”  1 score is that Partner A plays even holes and Partner B plays odd holes.  The second score is the lower NET score.  (Same score MAY be used twice.)


PARTNER BETTER BALL Cards are “popped” and all scores are “net.”  Score is lower NET score for each hole.


PARTNER DANCE:   1st hole score is Player A, second hole is Player B, third hole is total of A and B.  Continue this pattern for all 18 holes.


PICKY-PICKY:   select 1 par 3, 1 par 5 and 2 par 4s each nine before you start.


PLAY THE MIDDLE:   Holes 5 through 13 minus half handicap.


RED, WHITE, AND BLUE:  All players have the choice of playing either the red, white or blue tees.  Full score minus full handicap.


SCOTTISH GOLF – CIRCA 1502:  Just as in 1502, bring 5 clubs to play:  “longnose” (driver), “grassed driver” (long fairway club), “spoon” (short fairway club), “niblick” (wedge) and “putting cleek” (putter).  Subtract 2 points if you wear a full-length skirt!  Minus full handicap.


SCRAMBLE:    Each player drives.  Best ball is determined and all players hit their next shot from within a club length of that ball.  (May NOT move from rough to fairway.)  Similar procedure for each shot until ball is in the hole.  MUST USE EACH PLAYER’S DRIVE ONCE EACH NINE.  Minus average handicap.


SWEET PAR:   9 best holes RELATIVE TO PAR.  Minus half handicap.


T AND F:   Count holes that start with T or F (2,3,4,5,10,12,13,14,18) minus half handicap.


TEAM PUTTS:   score is total of all 4 players’ putts


THREE THREE THREE:  Best 3 par 3’s, best 3 par 4’s, best 3 par 5’s.


TOE:   Holes starting with T,O, and E minus half handicap.


TRICKS AND TREATS:   Find Tricks and Treats on the course.


TRIPLE IF:   Turn your three worst holes to par.


TWO PAIRS:   Subtract the highest score that you have scored on two holes.  Then subtract the second highest score that you have scored on 2 holes.  Thus, the game will be 14 holes minus full handicap.  Example:  If you have one 9, three 8’s, one 7 and four 6’s, you will subtract two 8’s and two 6’s.


WALTZ:   This is a team game with “pops” figured for handicaps.  The team score on the 1st hole is the best score, on the 2nd hole is the 2 best scores, and on the 3rd hole is the 3 best holes.  This pattern continues throughout all 18 holes.


WILD PUTTS:   Subtract 1 point for one putt, 2 points for no putts.


YIN-YANG:   Use best hole IN RELATION TO PAR:  1 or 2, 3 or 4, 5 or 6, etc….