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The Balboa Park Weekend Ladies Club plays two Saturdays per month with tee times from

7:45am – 8:30am unless otherwise indicated on the Weekender Calendar.

Thursday vs. Saturday Women’s Golf Clubs


The Thursday club is separate from the Weekend club. You may join one or the other or both. The signups, sweeps winnings, Club Championship and Putts and Ringers are separate for the two clubs. Go to to join either or both clubs.




Membership is 12
months starting
whenever you pay
your dues through
SCGA. Be sure to join
the Weekenders club on the Balboa Park Women’s Golf Club form if you only want to play on Saturdays. Join the Thursday club and pay the additional $12 for Weekend Sweeps if you want to play on both Saturdays and Thursdays. Note: If you belong to more than one SCGA affiliated club be sure to apply for a refund of your extra SCGA fees at The process is online and simple and if you belong to multiple clubs like me, you’ll get a nice refund check. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments by emailing me at lark@cox.netI look forward to seeing you at Balboa!

Lark Herrick

Weekend Coordinator




Signups are done through email approximately
2 weeks before the play day. Sandy Wichelecki
or Lark Herrick will send out an email when it is
time to sign-up. Respond to the sender if you’d
like to play, if you want to ride or walk, if you need to
play early or late and if you have a person or people you’re
playing with. If you are signing up others to play with you
please cc them on the email. We will try to accommodate
your requests. You will receive a reply when you sign up.
A reminder email will be sent before the signup deadline
isting who has signed up already and soliciting final signups.
Be sure to look for the reply email and check the list of people already signed up to confirm you are on the list. 

You may bring a guest and play at the end of the field. The same guest can play twice each year. 

Signups are needed by 8 or 9 days before the play day. Unused tee times are returned to the golf course 8 days before the play day to be opened up for the general public. On the day of play, people from the waiting list might be placed in your group if it is not a foursome.


 The pairings will be distributed by email 3-4 days before the play day. If you need to cancel, contact the sender ASAP so that pairings can be rearranged or late signups accommodated. If you have to cancel on the day of play due to illness or car trouble please call the pro shop directly. The pro shop phone number is listed on the pairings sheet.


We play a different sweeps game each play day such as T & F (holes starting with T and F), better 9, only par fours, etc. Your Weekender membership fee includes $12 covering sweeps payments for the whole year. If you joined the Thursday club you can pay the Weekender sweeps directly through the SCGA website or separately when you play with the Weekenders. 

Put no more than 3 people on a sweeps card leaving a line between each player. Put initial and Last name on the card along with your handicap. Write all the gross scores on the card then bring the scores that count in the sweeps game down to the second line. Neatness Counts! 

All Sweeps and Putts and Ringer winnings go on the “books”. When you want the money, send an email to Carrie Campbell-Wood ( and she’ll write you a check.

SIGNUP with Sandy Wichelecki


Play Days


Please arrive about 30 minutes before your tee time. Pay your green fee in the Pro Shop. Riding and pull carts are available for rent. To qualify for the most affordable green fees, a City of San Diego Resident Golf ID card is required.  For more information on green fees and resident golf IDs, click the link below.

Optional Play Day Games (currently suspended due to Covid-19)

Each play day we have optional closest to the pin, long drive and chip in contests. Each is 50 cents and are completely optional. If you wish to play, put 50 cents in each can you want to play and write your name on the corresponding list. The signup lists and cans are in the club room. Winners are paid directly after the game in cash at Tobey’s 19th Hole. If no one got a chip in or kept their drive in the fairway that money will carry over to the next play day.

After Play (currently suspended due to Covid-19)

After play, we meet at Tobey’s 19th Hole for a drink or lunch. Here people finish their sweeps cards for that days game and do their Putts and Ringers cards. If you have a chip in or two, report it to the person that is distributing the optional game winnings. Money will be distributed for the closest to the pins, long drive and chip ins (divided by the number of chip ins) to the winners. Remember to put your 50 cents in the can and sign the list.


If you forget to turn in your sweeps card at the 19th Hole or Lark is not playing that day, take a picture of it and email it to


Putts & Ringers


Putts and Ringers is an optional 6 month eclectic for scores and putts. It is $5 each 6 months to play.

3 Putt Fund


We have an optional collection for 3 putts. 25 cents per 3 putt with $1 maximum each play day. The money collected from 3 putts goes toward buying the food and drinks for our end of year holiday party in December.


We also have an annual two day Club Championship to crown the Gross and Net winners for the Weekend club.
We play 3 Saturdays with the best 2 out of the 3 rounds counted for the Club Championship. If the Overall Net or Gross Championship ends in a tie, a playoff will occur 
immediately after play on the 3rd day. If the tied players are not present, the winner will be determined from the tied players present and if none of the tied players are present, the winner will be determined by a random card drawing.


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