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Membership & Eligibility Procedures

Membership & Eligibility Procedures

Membership Home Course Dues are $110 per year. This fee includes:

  • $26 dues

  • $38 for Sweeps Tournaments and Hole in One

  • $36 HDCP – SCGA

  • $ 5 City Assessment

  • $ 5 Improvement Assessment

Renewals and new memberships are now done electronically through the SCGA. Go to and click on the "renew" button on the left. Type in "Balboa Park Women's Golf Club" and click on the search button to the right. Scroll down and you'll notice a lot of information about the club...and most importantly a "JOIN NOW" button. If you click the join button you'll be prompted through a series of steps to join the club. The system can handle different kinds of memberships. Thursday members can join the club and add their $5 Ringer at the same time for a total of $110. If you are a Thursday member, that also plays on Saturday, you may include the extra $12 for the Saturday Sweeps. Saturday members are requested to add the $12 Sweeps to their dues.

Beginning January 1, 2019, all players must produce a resident card in order to play at the Resident or Senior Rate.  The Resident ID may be purchased or renewed at the link below or by downloading the City of San Diego Golf app to your phone or tablet.






We welcome all prospective members to our club. For your enjoyment and that of your playing partners, we highly suggest that you have a basic knowledge of the Rules of Golf and are able to score in the 135 range before joining the 18-hole Balboa Ladies Club. If you cannot score in this range, please consider joining the 9-hole group that plays on Tuesdays and Fridays, or the Mission Bay Par 3, which plays on Wednesdays.

Members must have an established Handicap Index to be eligible for Sweeps prizes. Once you've posted a total of 54 holes, made up of 9 or 18-hole scores, you'll have a Handicap Index, per the World Handicap System. 

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