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THE MAIN PROBLEM SOME PEOPLE HAVE: Website does not work correctly or signup sheets do not come up or only partially come up - Typical problem: YOUR WEB BROWSER  - (PROBABLY INTERNET EXPLORER) IS NOT COMPATIBLE with our website. You need to use a different browser, preferably Google Chrome or Firefox. I have been told that Apple Safari also does not work. You can download either Chrome or Firefox for free and it installs instantly. That should solve most problems.



PROBLEM TRYING TO INPUT YOUR NAME ON SIGNUP SHEETS WHEN USING A CELL PHONE OR TABLET: First of all, you need to have the GOOGLE SHEETS APP installed on your phone or tablet. It is free and available for both Android or Apple. After that has been installed, open the website and try to access the signup sheet. You should get a popup window asking "What program do you want to use". One of the options will be SHEETS. Select Sheets and also select ALWAYS. This will open the signup sheet in Google Sheets and be editable. In the future, you will not be ask - the website will always open the signup sheet correctly (assuming you marked ALWAYS).


If the popup window did not popup, you may have to clear the default setting that you previously set. On an android tablet, go in to Settings>General>Default Applications and press the clear button under CLEAR DEFAULTS. Other android phones and devices will be similar.


There is a Google Sheets app for apple products as well. If you are using a desktop computer, you must be signed in to Google Docs. After you set up a Google account, you will automatically be logged in whenever you log on to your computer.

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