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Welcome to Our Weekenders NEW MEMBERS

Please welcome our new members for Thursday Balboa Park Women's Golf Club:


Connie Pasterkiewicz (1/21)

Cindy Luhnow (SAT - 8/20)

Alyson Talbot (SAT - 8/20)

Faye Tong (THURS, SAT, 8/20)

Beth Schulefand (SAT, 7/20)

Stacey Hayashi (SAT, 7/20)

Natalie Hobson (SAT, 7/20)

Marisa Farpon (SAT, 7/20)

Kathleen Nelson (SAT, 6/20)

Elaine Wynn (SAT, 6/20)

Denise Nelesen (SAT, 6/20)

Mindy Davis (SAT, 5/20)

Jennifer Levin (SAT, 1/20)

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