Gross Winner - Faye Tong

Net Winner - Patti McCormick

Ace of Aces

BPWGC Turkey Trot

ALL JOINING AND RENEWALS are now done on line with your credit card. Please go to the SCGA website

and click on the "RENEW" or "JOIN" button. DO NOT send any checks to

Linda Bienhoff,

they will be returned.  


Our most wonderful golf escort, Anthony Tavernier, is no longer working at Balboa Park Golf Course!  He is still available for golf lessons, guitar lessons or Yoga.  You may call or text him at



No More Anthony!!!

New Rules

The rules are different for now. Single rider carts and shared carts are available. Tee times may be adjusted, so check the tee sheet Wednesday night. Please read the new city regulations below.  Wear your mask.  Post on GHIN hole-by-hole. Have fun!


   If you are a member of more than one SCGA Member Club you may apply for your Multi-Club REBATE from SCGA in March, 2021.  Go to http://www.scga.org/membership/multi-member-rebate-program and follow the instructions.  


Guests must be registered with Membership chairman before signing them up on the tee sheet. Guests are allowed 2 rounds with our club each year, after which they will be required to join if they wish to play with the ladies club. On the tee sheet, indicate G-lastname. 

Maximum Handicap 40

The maximum handicap a player may play to is 40, for all tournaments.  A flight for handicaps of 37 + will begin 10/18/18.  A minimum of 3 players must play in the  flight for there to be a payoff.


 It is NOT APPROPRIATE for you to be on your cell phone during the round.  Unless you are expecting an EMERGENCY CALL, please turn your phone off.  Do not use your phone for business or social purposes.  GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP is expected at all times!  Please do not throw your clubs, slam them into the ground, or use bad language.  We all get disappointed with bad shots, but poor sportsmanship is unacceptable!  


                 is as follows:

  For the enjoyment of all the golfers on the course today, we ask that you do your part by keeping up with the group in front of you.  If we see that you have fallen behind, we may use the following actions:

  *  Your Group will be notified by the Player's Assistant/Marshal to

      keep up with the group in front of you.

  *  Your Group may be instructed to pick  up their balls and move

     to PROPER POSITION on the golf course.

  *  Your Group may be asked to allow other groups behind you to

      play through.


PRO Shop # 619-235-1184

URGENT # 619-235-5904

EMERGENCY- # 858-229-8320





        PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE              

This week there is NO SWEEPS PLAY at Balboa due to THANKSGIVING. You may make your own tee times through the City's Website.  The following week, December 3, is "DECEMBER ACE DAY".  This will be the first Ace Day for the 2021 season, so all members are in the running again!  Ace Day Winners are the Low Gross and Low Net over the field.  Please go over your score card with your group.  Remember to have your group take a photo, straight on, of your 4 player card and send it to Colleen Bolger - Cmbolger5@gmail.com or text to 206-930-8663 for RINGER. After you have posted your score, go to the SIGN-UP page and record your game score beside your name, and any Birdies, Chip-ins, or CTP on the sheet. For CTP you need a measuring tape, and have someone in your group confirm your distance.  Record you distance on the Sign-In sheet.

           2021 BPWGC BOARD

                President: Kay McElrath

                VP/Tournaments: Patty Crigler, Beckey Smiser

                Secretary: Kathy Odell

                Treasurer: Crystal Burr

                Sweeps Results: Ann Higgins

                Handicap: Patti McCormick

                Membership: Lind Bienhoff

                 Hospitality: Christy Smiley, Ann Chang,

                                    Maryann Erickson

                 Ringer: Dorsey Gale

                 Birdie Tree: Cindi Velaquez

                 Rules: Linda Holmgren

                 Parliamentarian: Jennie Russ



You may sign up on the website for tee times.  If you need to cancel, do so as early as possible and remove your own name from the tee sheet.  If you are cancelling on the day of play, please call the Pro Shop at 619-235-1184.


    How do you access your Sweeps Money? The Pro Shop is not holding our Sweeps Money, so you cannot use your money in the pro shop directly.  If you have earned at least $50, you may send an email to CRYSTAL BURR, cburr@san.rr.com and request a check... that you can use anywhere! 

      Please register your Guest with the Membership Chairs, Linda Beinhoff before signing them up on the website.  Then go to the website and  list them with a "G" before their last name.  Thanks!

    If you are non-resident, but still want to join the club, you may purchase a "Balboa Players Card" for $10 for 5 plays at the resident rate. (Only good at Balboa GC) In order to play with the ladies and have a guaranteed tee time, you must be a member of the BPWGC.   The Player's Club Card is not in place of membership, but to allow you to pay the resident rate.  It is good for 1 year from date of purchase and can be used any day of the week on either the 9 hole or 18 hole course.  A card for 45 plays at $90 is also available.  These may be purchased in the Administration Office from Matty Reyes.

    Please update your City Residency Card.  This will speed up the check-in procedure.  You will need to have an updated Residency Card to obtain the residency rate in 2019.  You may use the following items to prove your residency.

   1) Permanent California Driver's License

     (NO P.O. Box) Current address in the City of San Diego.

   2) California Auto Registration, current and valid with a City 

      of San Diego address, NO P.O. Box.

   3) Property Tax Bill, current with your name and a City of San        Diego address.

   4) Active Military I.D. Card, stationed in San Diego.

   5) Full-time Student School I.D. Current Student I.D. from            a City of San Diego High School or College.  You must be a          full-time student. Official Class Schedule required as


  Our Tee Time Chairs have added "TIME of PLAY" next to the sign up sheet. Please look at the times. If you can play in 4 hours, head for the top of the tee sheet. If you are a 4hr 15min, sign up in the middle.  If you need more time, sign up in the 4hr 30min section. We all need to aim for NO MORE than 4hr 30min! If you have a hole open, please let the group behind you play throughPlay READY GOLF!!  Your slow speed affects everyone behind you!  Let's speed it up!     

       If you are having difficulty finding the tee time sheet on the On-Line sign up, use your curser to move to the right at the bottom of the sheets until you find the date you are looking for. 

Thanks,  Jennie Russ



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